Nike Footwear

Shooting media for various Nike Soccer and Running pre-releases.

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Open project



Content Creation


Media for Nike footwear.

In collaboration with Nike's EKIN associate that was leading the pre-release.

Nike EKIN for

Nike reached out to us through EKIN's associate in order help with the social media content creation and marketing efforts for a new pre-release event hosted by, one of world’s largest online retailers specializing exclusively on sports equipment related products including soccer shoes/soccersuits among many more items available at their website! The goal behind this showcase was not only demonstrate some cutting edge technology from Nike but also give fans an opportunity see what these amazing looking sneakers look like before they're publicly released in order help raise engagement with those users.

There were several different portions of the event: A lecture style powerpoint presentation that was meant to teach the staffers about the new features and benefits of the new product as well as how to answer customer questions when the shoe is made available on their website; The next portion was a closed off small-sided training session with soccer players who would then share their thoughts on the shoe and how they've improved over the last iteration of the shoe..