Contemporary grill restaurant based in Accra, Ghana

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Brasa's Identity.

Landmark Restaurants LTD requested that we create a new identity for Brasa, an upcoming restaurant and lounge in the heart of London. This exciting venture will be led by our design team with input from concept through launch phases - ensuring authenticity along every step! A couple things were important to our client: The brand had to be modern yet fine like their restaurant; they also desired a clean website that showcase's brasa’s vibe without being too complicated or overwhelming in content volume (the goal was simply provide enough info).

Brasa in color.

When we sat down to make the brand guide for Brasa we knew we had to make the colors and fonts bold, fashionable, yet posh. With Brasa being located in the heart of Accra, Ghana a tourism hub in the vibrant West Africa, it was important to show off some of that vibrance. Initial colors resembled that of a open fire which was a feature of the new establishment; Orange, burnt orange, and a deep red as well as a deep blue and grey. After careful thought with the price point and demographic we steered toward the deep red and eliminated the orange hues we also added a sand color to the palette.


Logan Skincare