We build custom products for awesome companies, teams and startups.

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Our pillars


The Startup Studio

ATAK Global is a digital creative agency based in Charlotte, NC providing web development and design services to clients around the world. Our team of experts work together with you throughout your project's life cycle from start-to-finish so that we can help make sound decisions about what will be most impactful for both now and future projects/businesses.

We are proud to have clients from every corner of the world, and it's a challenge that we welcome. We've helped companies in industries ranging across manufacturing through retailing - whatever your business may be!


Your brand.

Brands are woven throughout every aspect of our lives. Whether you're aware or not, every company and product has a brand already - the work to define them is where we excel! Investing in building strong brands gives your business an unfair competitive advantage because people will trust who they buy from more if their experience with that company was positive one time before; there's no way anyone else could come close after all this time spent developing customer loyalty through branding efforts alone



A memorable and creative logo can make all the difference between a successful business and one that struggles to find its footing. A great design is not only eye catching, but also Leaves an impression with potential customers by making them feel like they want what you're selling- even if it's something as simple as ice cream!


Web Design and Development.

Your website is the first thing your potential customer sees of you, so it should be clean and modern. Today's business environment demands a strong web presence for marketing purposes to stand out from competition and achieve goals quickly!

ATAK Global is a creative agency that takes the time to get know their clients and build a relationship with them. We believe in finding solutions by collaborating, rather than implementing brief designs based on generic ideas from employers or stock images.

ATAK Global in numbers

Over 40 years

of combined experience in web design, graphic design, branding, and marketing

When we started ATAK Global in 2019 there were 3 of us.

We all had day jobs, but we had big ideas and the talent to match.

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Dozens of start-finish projects completed

in several varying industries and a few different countries.

Building strong team was and is still important to us.

We have a team that is very diverse from all over the country with various talents and experience working in various industries.

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+68% growth

in monthly revenue for our clients on average.

Growth and development based projects is what we do daily

Our mission is to help clients grow in the most sustainable way possible by giving them tailored solutions.

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CEO Landmark Restaurants Ltd

Joseph Aidoo

Landmark Restaurants is a growing restaurant group based in West Africa with 4 restaurants and more unique concepts in planning.

Owner Logan Skincare

Shareese Logan

Logan Skincare is a Miami based skincare company that has both an ecommerce website as well as arm for in-person skincare services.

CEO BBB Boat Rentals

Zuri Sneed

BBB is a North Carolina based boat rental company that utilizes technology to streamline and simplify the process for their customers.

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