An Accra based cafe with custom cake offerings.

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Open project


Web Design


Milkbox's Identity.

Landmark Restaurants LTD requested that we create a new identity for Milkbox, an upcoming coffehouse with the intent of scaling in franchise fashion. At the forefront of this priorities for this project were: Creating a brand with contemporary and upscale feels yet retaining everyday usage; they also desired a strong brand image that could easily garner recognition and a clean web presence that exemplified their desired image.

Milkbox in color.

With this project we set out to create a modern and stylish brand, designed to become a staple in the hearts of local professionals and others alike. The goal was to be seen thus prompting the eye catching color scheme. The bold blue tone contrasting with white appeals to both locals and the high concentration of tourists and expats in the area. Milkbox's logo is also strategically integrated into each box/packaging design, which makes it easy for consumers to recognize their products and fuel enthusiasm among potential buyers.