21 Extracts

A hemp-based products distributor.

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Web Design

Packaging Design

Building a brand for a premium hemp products company.

This start-up needed a strong identity for the business but had to be agile in bringing its product to the market as the particular industry was fairly new and rapidly evolving. The initial brand ideology was very clean and medical with colors to match( whites, greens...) After the initial products went to market the team realized the products did well in the direct-to-consumer sales channel but not as well in the various distribution channels, so there was a push to add some color and character to the brand without losing is clean identity.

Packaging design to turn the heads of wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and end-users.

We took our client from the inception of a new product idea to the shelves of major retailers with our creative product packaging design! We know what it takes for success, and we're willing work long hours in order get you there.
We used our adaptive creative to produce packaging for a unique scope of needs- meaning turning heads on both ends: wholesalers/distributors, retailer and end users . Everyone on our project team had their own role to play in order to check the many boxes required from our client to produce a product with design that directly spoke to their targeted demographic.

Web development that set a new industry standard.

In order to give our client an edge over their less tech-inclusive competitors, we created a web presence that was both functional and stylish. It had to be aesthetically pleasing so not only did they need functionality but also expression of who they are as a brand with innovative and high detail oriented ideals. The bespoke trend continues on this project by creating web pages tailored specifically towards meeting their needs and maintaining contemporary looks - something everyone can get behind!